June’s tutorial: How to make a pompom


I know that the internet is flooded with tutorials about this and that, but since this is a DIY & crafts blog I decided to chip in and have a tutorial, a monthly one that is … especially for those of you who are beginners.

Today we shall learn how to make the easy but also vibrant and full of fluffiness pompom. This accessory is so simple to make, yet it has such a “beautifying” effect. You can use it for the classic beanie, for a pillow, to make flowers, add it to a blanket or even make earrings from it (see here how).

But first things first: let’s see how it’s made! (this sounds so Discovery-ish – if you know what I mean 😉 ) Continue reading

DIY: Fancy Summery Store Boxes


Summer is here (although today’s bad weather would contradict me for sure). But still, summer is here … most of the time, so I thought of doing a special DIY project, with a summery touch.

This time we are going to use those things that we store other things in them (aka. boxes) and give them a proper make-up for the summer and not just that: for a life time.

Stripes, polka dots, flower prints, multicoloured rectangular weird shaped drawings – it really doesn’t matter – as long as your eyes are happy with the chosen pattern, the boxes will be too 😉

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4 pillow cases made from … clothes


In 1886 Robert Lewis Stevenson was publishing the book “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” – well, suffice to say that in today’s DIY tutorial there’s nothing strange about this cases … merely because they are pillow cases! Stupid joke, I know!

I for one love pillows, either is for resting my head or my arse on, so I decided to make myself some new pillow cases, more colourful and more beautiful. But this is not all!

I bet you have some t-shirts, tops, dresses and so on that you don’t wear anymore. Either is because you got bored of them, or they don’t fit you (because you lost wait, of course!), or whatever. But you still like the pattern or the print and you can’t be convinced to give them or throw them.

That’s OK, because today we are going to use those clothes to make new and vibrant pillow cases! Four new pillow cases, that is!

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Yarn Bottle


I absolutely adore yarn! Next to washi tape is one of humanity’s greatest inventions so when I saw a lonely bottle in my house I instantly thought of giving it a new life by using yarn. Green one, because I love green. Yep, I have issues!

Back to the main subject though, let’s see how you can revive a bottle by using yarn and then use it as a flower vase – flower power mood activated!!!

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