Colourful Pompom Earrings

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Summer is just around the corner (yep, even in Narnia!) so I thought it would be nice to make a colourful piece of jewelry that matches this season. I decided it is time for: pompom earrings!

I kind of suffer from a rare condition called “pompom obsession” especially if the pompoms are colourful and extremely fluffy, sooooo this blog will be flooded with these crazy, fluffy balls of yarn in the near future. Sorry about that, but who doesn’t like pompoms? Whaaat?!

What you need:Items Pompom earings

  • yarn (multicoloured yarn in my case)
  • two earring hooks
  • two rounded links (of whatever you call those rounded metal things)
  • pliers
  • scissors

What you need to do:

First we are going to take our yarn and start wrapping it around two fingers (or three if you want a bigger pompom – please see the pictures below). I decided to wrap it 12 times, but if you want a fuller pompom you can wrap it more, just be sure to stop at some point otherwise you will be left with a HUGE pompom.

When you finish this slowly and carefully remove it from your fingers and put it aside.

Next step consists in using the pliers to open the earring’s hook and insert the link, then carefully close it back. Now you can cut about 12 cm of yarn string and pull it through the link.

Take the yarn that you previously wrapped it around your fingers and place it over the yarn string that you just cut, find the center of your  soon-to-be yarn ball and tie it tight (make like three knots just to be sure it holds). Cut the extra yarn.

The final step is actually the best part because your re just going to insert your scissors into the yarn ball’s loops and cut them. After you are done with that just give your pompom a nice haircut, but cutting all the yarn strings that are loose and went mad and you are done!

Tip: you can add rubber petals (or rubber earring backs) that will assure your earrings will stay in your ears.

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Now you are ready to face the summer with a brand new and unique pair of pompom earrings. They are happy, colourful and because I used an acrylic yarn they won’t keep me warm 🙂

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • yarn (the local haberdashery/knitting shop)
  • earrings items and pliers (local online store

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