Yarn Bottle


I absolutely adore yarn! Next to washi tape is one of humanity’s greatest inventions so when I saw a lonely bottle in my house I instantly thought of giving it a new life by using yarn. Green one, because I love green. Yep, I have issues!

Back to the main subject though, let’s see how you can revive a bottle by using yarn and then use it as a flower vase – flower power mood activated!!!

What you need:

  • a bottleItemsVase
  • yarn
  • glue
  • scissors

What you need to do:

It is important to have a clean bottle  so go ahead and give it a proper wash and remove the label, glue and whatever it has on.

This will help the yarn to stick better and it will also result in a perfect base for the glue we are going to use.

After the bottle is clean and dry you can start from the bottom (at least that’s what I did, but it’s not a general rule) and add a bit of glue around the bottle. Then you take a yarn string and place it carefully around the bottle.

I did this (adding glue and then placing the yarn string) for about three rows then I stopped using glue. I just continued wrapping the yarn around the bottle because the glue was all dry and the yarn stuck to it, thus forming a string base for me to just wrap up the remaining of my yarn.

However, when I reached the bottle’s neck due to the fact that glass is slippery and the neck is constantly narrowing, I started using glue again.

Tip: If you feel more comfortable you can add glue permanently.


Last string placed and we are all done! Your bottle, or should I say vase flower is ready. Now, you should leave it for about 30 minutes (so the glue dries completely) and then add your flowers.

I went for some beautiful sunflowers because I adore them. Summer is here so it seemed like the perfect choice even if they are fake flowers.

Feng Shui tip: if you decide to go for fake flowers please be sure to clean them regularly for dust is not our friend and creates bad vibes. Also, you shouldn’t use dead flowers: they don’t produce energy anymore, so they will have a negative impact on your home.

Tell me what you think about this new project. Is not new, I know, you’ve probably seen it on Tumblr or Pinterest, but have ever you tried it? If so, please be sure to send me pictures on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (the links are in the page’s footnote).

Happy summer dearies! :-*

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • bottle (from Lidl supermarket – it was actually carrot juice)
  • yarn (a local knitting shop)
  • glue (Carrefour hypermarket)

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