4 pillow cases made from … clothes


In 1886 Robert Lewis Stevenson was publishing the book “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” – well, suffice to say that in today’s DIY tutorial there’s nothing strange about this cases … merely because they are pillow cases! Stupid joke, I know!

I for one love pillows, either is for resting my head or my arse on, so I decided to make myself some new pillow cases, more colourful and more beautiful. But this is not all!

I bet you have some t-shirts, tops, dresses and so on that you don’t wear anymore. Either is because you got bored of them, or they don’t fit you (because you lost wait, of course!), or whatever. But you still like the pattern or the print and you can’t be convinced to give them or throw them.

That’s OK, because today we are going to use those clothes to make new and vibrant pillow cases! Four new pillow cases, that is!

What you need:

  • a pillow (or more than one, it’s your choice)
  • a measuring ruller
  • scissors
  • needle and thread/hot glue gun/sewing machine

What you need to do:

Before you start this tutorial I should clarify something. It’s honestly up to you how you want to put together your pillow cases, that’s why you can sew them manually (by using a needle and thread), glue them (I know there’s a trend for that, so if you had a hot glue gun go on and shoot them) or use the old fashion way of using a sewing machine (which I did).

1. Green pillow case


This pillow case is made from a dress I think I only wore one because I looked like a milkmaid from the Alps with it, so I decided to stuck it somewhere in the back of my closet.

The plain green part of the pillow is made from the upper part of the dress, while the checked fabric came from the lower part.

The first thing I did was to take a pillow and measure it (L x l), then used these measurements to cut the dress. As you can see I opted for a square of plain green and checked margins. Also I sewed a pocket of the dress on the front side of the case.

The front side was easier to make because I only cut the fabric and sewed it, but the back side of the pillow case was a different story. Nothing complicated, but it required more attention.

You practically need to cut a narrow strip of fabric that will be sewed to the upper side of the case and a larger one that will be sewed to the lower part.

Also, in order to be able and close the gap between these two parts, you need a narrow stripe of fabric to fold in two, then sew it to look like a cord. Cut it in four and attach the cords to each side of the back’s pillow.

2. Pink pillow case


This pillow case was made from a skirt I had, which was way too transparent (even with petticoat) to wear it. At the hem it had this delicate lace which I decided to use for my pillow case.

As before, you need to take the exact measurements of your pillow and use them to cut through the fabric.

This time I went for 3 cm more than the pillow’s dimensions in order to sew the margins twice (it’s better seen in the picture with the pillow’s back) so I could attach the lace.

On the front of the case I just used 5 cm of lace which I manually sewed in shape of a flower. Nothing complicated, don’t panic! You insert the needle & thread along the lace and pull the thread when you reach the end. Then just sew the two parts together is you are done.

For the back side of the pillow case I did the same thing as for the previous pillow, only that this time there’s no cord and the parts are overlapping.

3. The poppy pillow case


This one is actually made from an old pillow case (a larger one) that got a bit deteriorated and was no longer suitable for my mansion! (aka. my pigeon pooped on it … several times … and it couldn’t be saved!)

For this pillow case you need to repeat the steps I described above with the only difference that the back side of the pillow is a mix between number one and number two.

So, the sides are overlapping and there’s a cord involved. That’s all and you already know the drill so I will stop here. 😛

4. The apple pillow case


The last pillow case that I’m going to show you today is actually made from two kitchen fabric cloths.

It’s probably the easiest pillow case ever because after you take the measurements, you sew the fabric (3 sides and a half!!!) then place the pillow inside and continue sewing but this time just using a needle and thread.

First you can sew it in the interior, then as you approach the end carefully sew it on the exterior. Be careful though, because you don’t wast a nasty seam!

Warning! Although this is easier to make, please bare in mind that if your case gets dirty you have to wash it all! Since you can’t remove the pillow from inside the case, the pillow is also going to take a bath, so be sure to check if the pillow’s contents survive a trip into the washing machine.

So, this is it dearies, 4 pillow cases that you can make from old clothes, from kitchen cloth, other pillow cases … the sky is the limit!

Although they are a bit more time consuming that the normal DIY projects, I assure you it will worth the time you invest in them 😉

Until next time, stay safe and keep creating stuff!

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