DIY: Fancy Summery Store Boxes


Summer is here (although today’s bad weather would contradict me for sure). But still, summer is here … most of the time, so I thought of doing a special DIY project, with a summery touch.

This time we are going to use those things that we store other things in them (aka. boxes) and give them a proper make-up for the summer and not just that: for a life time.

Stripes, polka dots, flower prints, multicoloured rectangular weird shaped drawings – it really doesn’t matter – as long as your eyes are happy with the chosen pattern, the boxes will be too 😉

What you need:ItemsForBoxes

  • a box (a shoe box will do just fine)
  • wrapping paper
  • ruller
  • scissors
  • glue or scotch tape

What you need to do:

This is, as suspected, a pretty simple DIY and if you know how to wrap Christmas gifts then you surely know how to give your ugly shoe boxes a new look.

As always, we start with taking the exact measurements of the box involved in the process and use those measurements to cut the wrapping paper.

Tip: it would be advisable to use a thicker wrapping paper, rather than the ordinary thin one, because it will protect your box better and it will also be more reliable when cut and maneuvered.

After finishing cutting the wrapping paper you just need to glue it to the box and then the lid. If you feel more comfortable you can use scotch tape, or both. There’s really no rule.


You can choose to dress the box in one colour, in two, or mix it and leave the lid untouched if it looks nice. The only rule in DIY is: as long as you like it, it’s more than fine 😉

And you are done! Now you have a box (or more) to store your belongings in it. It is fancy, beautiful and full of colour and for the first time there’s no need to hide it in the closet. You can proudly display this new box on a  shelf for everyone to see and admire 🙂
Store boxes are actually pretty pricey (especially for something you buy to store crap in them), but with this technique you can make yourself new boxes that are cheap,  more beautiful and unique! Yay you!

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • wrapping paper (local stores: Diverta & Carrefour)
  • glue (local store: Diverta)

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