June’s tutorial: How to make a pompom


I know that the internet is flooded with tutorials about this and that, but since this is a DIY & crafts blog I decided to chip in and have a tutorial, a monthly one that is … especially for those of you who are beginners.

Today we shall learn how to make the easy but also vibrant and full of fluffiness pompom. This accessory is so simple to make, yet it has such a “beautifying” effect. You can use it for the classic beanie, for a pillow, to make flowers, add it to a blanket or even make earrings from it (see here how).

But first things first: let’s see how it’s made! (this sounds so Discovery-ish – if you know what I mean 😉 )
What you need:

  • yarn
  • scissors

What you need to do:

First you need to make acquaintance with your yarn ball. For any DIY lover yarn is like heaven, so you need to have a strong connection with it. You need to feel it, respected it, let it hug you …. neah, just kidding! Although, yarn is pretty cool in all fairness!

So, be sure to take your yarn ball and start wrapping the string around four fingers (as seen in picture 1 and 2).


Tip: Using four fingers has to do with how big you want your pompom to be (I’m going for a normal size here).

Now keep wrapping and wrapping until you cut your circulation! NO, just kidding. I went for 80 times, but you can go for more or less.

Tip: The number of times you wrap the yarn string around your fingers will give the pompom a more fuller or thinner look. “To be or not to be fluffy” – that is the question!

After you finish counting and you decide that you had enough of the wrapping process, carefully slip the yarn off your fingers and place it on a freshly-cut yarn string (about 7 cm long – see picture 3).

Find the center of the “wrapped string” (picture 4) and take the single string and tighten it (real tight!!!!) around it. Be sure to secure it with three knots.

Now you are left with some kind of bow-shaped yarn string, so you need to take the scissors and cut through the loops (picture 5 and 6).


As you can see your pompom is really looking like a pompom now, so all is left to do is to give it a proper haircut (make all the yarn strings the same size) as seen in picture 8 and you are finished! Ta naaaa!!!!

As I said before this DIY project is very easy to make and also it takes little time to complete. In about 12-15 minutes you are done. And once you get the hang of it, you will do it in less than that, trust me!

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Rudy’s View “Monthly tutorial” and I hope you will try to make your own pompoms. If so, please sent me your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (all the links are in the footnote of this page) because I would love to see your works of art 😉 xx

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