Colourful Pompom Earrings

Created with Nokia Refocus

Summer is just around the corner (yep, even in Narnia!) so I thought it would be nice to make a colourful piece of jewelry that matches this season. I decided it is time for: pompom earrings!

I kind of suffer from a rare condition called “pompom obsession” especially if the pompoms are colourful and extremely fluffy, sooooo this blog will be flooded with these crazy, fluffy balls of yarn in the near future. Sorry about that, but who doesn’t like pompoms? Whaaat?!

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Oldies but goldies: make a mobile phone holder out of an old cassette case


Who doesn’t have a cassette in their home? I mean really? My best days were spend trying to rewind my cassettes with a pencil because otherwise my walk-man’s batteries would drop dead in an instant.

If you don’t know what an walk-man is then you have a serious problem! The grandfather of the iPod or the classic MP3 Player is really twisting in its grave. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Still, you might just get away with it if you have an old cassette lying around your home. Just like I do. Go grab it and let’s make a nice and fancy mobile phone holder, OK?

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How to have a happy table in 5 minutes


I don’t know about  you but I like to surround myself with positive things (and people of course) and make everything that I can to bring more colour into my life.

The other day I had an idea by looking at an old table that’s sitting in my bedroom and holds my most precious possessions (aka. make-up, skin products etc.). The table is pretty old and has a huge, massive glass on top.

It’s not ugly, but not very appealing either. So I decided to turn it into a happy table in just 5 minutes. Really, it just took me 5 minutes!

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Dressing up your Nutella Jar

Nutella jar

Today (as in for my first ever blog post), I’m going to show you how to dress up and practically re-brand a Nutella jar.

Or any other kind of jar, I just picked up a Nutella one because I finished its content (yummy! says the piglet inside me) and so it was there for the taking đŸ˜›

So, instead of just getting rid of it you can save the planet and make yourself a nice crayon or pencils, brushes or whatever-your-heart-desire holder.

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