DIY: Give a new life to your clothes hangers


I don’t know about you, but each time I see a wardrobe from those fancy Home Design  magazines I get really annoyed of how nice and tidy it is. The clothes look so nice and their hangers as well. It’s like a fairytale of order and beauty.

Thanks to some very handy men I too have a wardrobe filled with tons of clothes (which I love), but my hangers aren’t the prettiest in the land. Most of them are old, bent, have weird shapes (mostly because I have the bad habit of putting more than one piece of clothes on them) and so on. They have no story!

So I decided to give them a new life! I have like 8 or 10 wire clothes hangers that look just horrendous, but which got a brand new look by using stuff that I have around home. Wanna see how?

What you need:WP_20150710_16_05_51_Pro

  • wire clothes hanger (because they are the ugliest!)
  • yarn
  • ribbon
  • plastic needle (optional)
  • scissors

What you need to do:

This DIY is quite simple, but I should also point out that it take a lot of concentration, because the basic of it is “wrapping“. You just wrap the yarn and you need to wrap it nicely and avoid over-wrapping.

With this in mind, let us begin our new DIY project, OK?

You need to take the yarn and start wrapping it around the hanger beginning from one side. As you can see (picture 2) I left a bit of yarn unwrapped so when I get far enough from it I could make a knot or two to secure my work (see picture 3).

Then, you carry on with the wrapping and depending on the shape of your hanger when you feel it’s not possible to wrap the yarn anymore (see picture 4) choose to wrap it just on one side of the hanger until you reach a part which allows you to start again (picture 5).

When you reach the head of the hanger just continue wrapping until the end and return (still wrapping) to the base of the hanger’s head. Now you can make several knots (using the plastic needle of without it) to be sure everything stays in place.


Half of the hanger is ready, but the other half still needs to be wrapped. My advice here is to start from the end of it (just like we started with the first half), not from where you finished, because it’s a “downhill situation” and it’s a bit more difficult to wrap the yarn correctly and maintain the same direction as you did for the other half.

When you are finished with the yarn (see picture 7), you can take the ribbon and wrap it a few times around the base of the hanger’s head and make a bow (see picture 8).

This will add extra cuteness to your already cute clothes hanger which looks nothing like before! Now it’s delicate, soft, beautiful and ready to guard your most valuable summer clothes!


Fancy hangers can cost a lot of money and most of the time they will broke a few days after you bought them.

But by doing this DIY  you avoid spending money on things that don’t really say much and prove to be useful just for a short period of time.

Now your clothes hangers have a story, a new life and guess what? Your dressing, clothes stander or wardrobe will look just like the ones in a Home Decor magazine 😉

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • hanger (have it at home, like dhaa!)
  • yarn (local knitting shop)
  • plastic needle (local haberdashery shop)
  • ribbon (have it for years!)

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