How to make a watches holder (collab with Andra)


Hello my dear readers chums and welcome to my first ever collab post with the awesome beauty guru and vlog aficionado: Andra!

In the following minutes I will invite you in the world of crazy DIY, today’s episode being about how to make a watches holder by using, guess what? A paper towel roll and some fabric! Yep, we are going back to basics my loves.

At the same time, the lovely Andra will show you how you can cleverly organize your nail polishes by making an extra-useful and beautiful nail polish rack.

I am personally overexcited about this so on with the show!

What you need:ItemsWatches

  • paper towel roll
  • fabric (any kind will do)
  • a little candle support
  • ribbon, lace or cord (whatever you like best)
  • glue
  • scissors

What you need to do:

Considering that we need to cover the paper towel roll with the fabric, the first step is to figure out how much fabric do we need (use a pencil and a ruler, of if you want to go wild just eye-measure it).

After cutting the fabric apply glue on the paper roll and stick the fabric to it. In the end it should look like picture 1. There’s no need to panic if the fabric overlaps, for that part will be the lower one (so no-one will see it) plus we will glue it to the candle support, later on.

Tip: Please allow the paper roll and the fabric to dry before taking the next step. Don’t forget that the paper roll is made of … well, paper so the glue needs to dry completely and so does the fabric.

The next step is to cut the lace and ribbon (decided not to use the cord in the end) in stripes (see picture 2). I started with the lace, then added a bit of glue to it (see picture 3) and applied it to the holder (picture 4).


Then I did the same thing on the other side of the holder (see picture 5) and carried on with applying the ribbon by using the same method.

When everything was all dry and nice I took the candle support, turn it upside down and applied glue to it, then stuck the holder and press it down for a few minutes before leaving it out to dry for several hours.

Tip: it is very important to choose a support that will make a stable foundation for your watches. Mine are pretty heavy, the majority are made of stainless steel so I went for a candle support that’s made of thick glass.

I strongly advise you to choose something similar (not necessarily a candle support, but something heavy enough to hold your watches).


Now all is left to do is to add the watches. And if you are a deranged person like me, then you have more than one (more than you actually need, to be fair), so you will need more holders :-))

Nonetheless, the final result is quite amazing and very, very useful. You can see your watches in all their tick-tock beauty and pick the one you feel like wearing today, thus avoiding to keep them in some drawer and forgetting all about them.

And because today is your lucky day I’ll raise you with another tremendous DIY, this time made by my friend Andra.

She is way more advanced then me and owns a very nice vlog on YouTube, her DIY being actually a video which I urge you to see and devour. Her nail polish rack turned out amazing!

Also, she has a Beauty Channel (also on YouTube) which is awesome, so please pay her a visit there too and subscribe to her videos. She puts a lot of work, effort and passion in it.

You can also follow Andra on: Twitter and Instagram as she posts there regularly.

Soo, that’s about it for today my craft lovers! See you next time! Take care! Goooooooo-bye!

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • paper tower roll (from an actual paper towel – market store you know?)
  • fabric (old dress :-P)
  • candle holder (had it around my house)
  • ribbon, lace, cord (old stuff man, I lost track)
  • glue (local hypermarket called Carrefour)

2 thoughts on “How to make a watches holder (collab with Andra)

  1. Andra says:

    Woooow !!! Sooo nice !! It looks so professional! You deserve way more followers,seriously!! ❤️ Thank you so much for doing this collab with me,I’m honored to have done it with someone so creative and smart 😘 I love you so much,well done !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ramona says:

      Awww, thank you so much hun! And it was my pleasure to do this collab with you! You do such wonderful videos and you have such a beautiful soul. I am privileged to have you amongst my friends! Hugs xoxo


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