Summer DIY: Seashells Photo Frame


Hello again my dearest DIY lovers and welcome to another episode of our Summer Special treats!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer, I think of the sea (although I must confess I’m not a huge fan of staying too much into the sun) and all its glory, long walks on the beach, friends, having fun, freedom and so on.

So, I thought of bringing a bit of the sea into my home (since this year I won’t be visiting it) with an adorable photo frame made with seashells.

You too can have one of those (because it’s really simple and fun to make) so let’s get started, shall we?

What you need:

  • a wooden photo frameItems1
  • seashells
  • cord
  • coloured wrapping paper
  • glue (for wood/fabric and paper)
  • printed words
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors

What you need to do:

I’m a fool when it comes to marine-inspired themes so for this DIY I decided to use an old cord that screams: Aye aye, Captain! and takes you into the world of sailing.

So, in order to get started you just need to apply a bit of wood/fabric glue on the interior margin of the frame and press the cord as you go (see pictures 1 and 2).

When the glue is all dry and nice you need to cut the extra cord (see picture 3) and make a knot for the cord’ side that doesn’t have one.

In order to have a more similar look, you will need to untwist the cord and make it look like the one from the other side (see picture 5).

Now all is left is to make a tiny bow (picture 6) and if in doubt apply a bit of glue underneath it to make it more stable.

And now the seashells!!!! This is actually fun because you just need to apply glue (picture 7) from time to time and arrange your seashells (picture 8) just the way you want them! There’s no rule, there’s no secret recipe for it! Just go creative and make your own photo frame statement!


When you finished placing all the seashells, please let the glue dry for about an hour and meanwhile we will get started with the picture-inside-it.

First we’ll need to remove the backside of the photo frame and place it on top of the wrapping paper (I went for a yellow one because it reminds me of the sun’s warmth, but you can also go for blue, pink, green or even a photo of yourself).

Use the pencil to draw its shape (you can use the ruler if things go wrong) and then cut the paper using scissors (as shown in pictures 13 and 14).

After completing this task you can take the printed words (mine were made by using the Forte 20 font) and add a bit of glue on their back (see picture 16).

I decided to go for “Take your Vitamin Sea” because it’s a very nice and creative pun and also, because I strongly believe it’s important to take your summer vitamins :-)).

After sticking the words to the paper, let it dry a bit (around 5 minutes) and then insert it into the photo frame. That’s it!!!

Tip: I didn’t want to glue the wrapping paper to the back side of the frame because I will most definitely change the picture in the future and I didn’t want to remain without the back side intact.


So here you are! You are now in possession of a lovely and extra cute seashells photo frame that will embellish your bedroom or living room and will give that extra bit of summer feeling to it.

It might very well make you go to the sea this weekend! Nothing wrong with that, right? 😛

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • photo frame (IKEA – actually it came in a pack of three frames and they were really cheap)
  • seashells (had them for year, tbh and I think the majority were bought during a vacation to the sea)
  • cord (it’s too old to remember 😛 )
  • wrapping paper (local store called Diverta)

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