July’s tutorial: How to make a Gratitude Jar


It’s that time of the month, my dearest craft lovers, for something really special and today I’m going to present you how you too can make and have, but most importantly feel the benefits of a Gratitude Jar.

The idea is far from being something new, but it doesn’t mean it has lost its profoundness. Using a Gratitude Jar will make you challenge yourself into thinking what are you grateful or thankful for at the end of the day.

It’s an easy and useful way of tracking your thoughts when you read the little notes at the end of the year and it’s a very personal #DIY that will surely make you feel better.

But first, let’s see how we can have one of these wonderful and colourful Gratitude Jars, OK?

What you need:ItemsGratitudeJar

  • jar with lid (mine is a Nutella one, like duh!)
  • coloured paper of your choice
  • washi tape
  • lace
  • thread or cord
  • office hole punch
  • marker
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • glue
  • scissors

What you need to do:

A Gratitude Jar is something very personal and it must represent you. I choose to make it this way, but you can make it in a totally different way, less or more colourful, wrapped up in fabric, painted in a colour of your choice or just keep it simple. As I always say, there is no rule 😉

The first thing that I did was to take my ruler and establish the sizes of the piece of paper that’s going to appear on the front side of my jar (see pictures 1 & 2). After that I cut out a piece of light green paper (see picture 4).

Now for the obvious part of this tutorial :-)) I wrote down “Gratitude Jar” on the piece of paper (yes, I know my “J” looks like a “Y”, but as I said before this is my jar after all :-)) ) and used a bit of wash tape to fix it to the front side of the jar (as shown in pictures 8 & 9).

As for the lid, I used a different washi tape (which I am so in love with, because it has inspirational words printed on it) to dress it up a bit and … what do you know? My jar is almost ready!


To make it more jar-ish (not an actual word, I know!), I decided to add a label so I got back to using my pencil, ruler and the light green paper.

After drawing the label (pictures 1& 2) I cut it out and used the office hole punch to make a hole in the middle (pictures 4 & 5). To be quite honest I managed to find the middle of the label the third time (so, yeah I ruined two labels before that :-P).

And now back to the washi tape (the green one, because I wanted to make them match a bit) which I wrapped around the label once (picture 6).

In order to add a bit of elegance to the label a placed a bit of glue to the lower side and added a bit of golden lace to it (as shown in pictures 8 & 9).


When the glue was dry I just took my thread, placed through the label’s hole and around the jar’s neck, made a knot and a little bow and that’s it! My Gratitude Jar was ready! So cute!

My first gratitude note goes of course to those of you who read my blog constantly (you know yourselves because you are like five of six LOL), but since starting this little DIY project I gathered about 8 little notes of gratitude.

When the jar’s full take them out and read them. Maybe you are having a bad day, maybe you feel like you have nothing to be grated for, so read them out loud. You will surely find something to write down.


Oh, and don’t worry about writing “big things”, you can be grateful just because someone smiled at you at the grocery shop 😉 Or because you read a DIY blog about a Gratitude Jar. Just sayin’! :-))

Where I bought my supplies from:

  • jar (local supermarket – in Nutella we trust!)
  • coloured paper (local hypermarket called Auchan)
  • washi tape (local store called Diverta)
  • lace (had it for years)

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