Decorate your pillows with pompoms & tassels


It seems like the pillow obsession strikes again my dearest readers and DIY lovers, as today I decided to show you how you can decorate your pillows.

I have prepares for you two easy ways to transform an ordinary and boring pillow into a colourful, full of life and personality one.

You just need a few things to get started, but the result will surpass your expectations, so on with the Do it Yourself today’ show!

1. Pompom your way!

What you need:ItemsPompom

  • a pillow that desperately needs some attention
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

What you need to do:

The fun part about making pompoms is that you control everything: from the colours, to their thickness or the way you use them.

In a  previous article, also know and June’s major tutorial I showed you how you can make a pompom. To be honest the tutorial was made precisely for the pompoms attached to this pillow 😛 so be sure to read that article (I highlighted the link the the above paragraph.

After the pompoms are ready you just need a needle and some thread (mine was yellow because I wanted to match the colour of my pillow) and think where you want your pompoms to be.

Since I made 4 pompoms I went for the corners and sew them accordingly. Easy and fast and my pillow turned out very, very happy 🙂


2. Elegant & colourful tassels

What you need:ItemsTassels

  • a pillow that desperately needs some attention
  • embroidery floss (in various colours, if you want)
  • a beverage coaster
  • some beads (optional)
  • scissors
  • needle

What you need to do:

Tassels are easy to make and added to the right item can bring a touch of elegance to your home and room. At the same time they are extremely cute 😛

The first step is to take the embroidery floss and start wrapping it around something (like a beverage coaster in my case – see picture 1 and 2). I wrapped it about 12 times.

When you are done, just find the middle of it and use a pair of scissors to cut it (as shown in picture 3). The threads resulted in the process will form the tassels.

Putting them aside for a moment, you will need to cut another piece of embroidery floss (about 10-15 cm or so, which is going to become the tassel’s hanger – see picture 4).

Tip: if you want to be sure that the head of your tassel will be fluffy, you can use a small bead, inserted it on the piece of embroidery floss you’ve just cut, place it on the centre of it and make a knotsee pictures 5-7.


Now it’s time to connect the tassel with its hanger. For this you need to place the embroidery floss (the one with the bead on it) on a plain surface (please be sure that the bead is underneath) and then place the collection of embroidery floss that we wrapped up on the coaster.

Tighten the hanger-floss and make three knots (pictures 8-9).

Cut another piece of embroidery floss (10 cm long) and place it on the upper side of your tassel (see picture 12 ). Then tighten it, make several knots (see picture 12-13) and cut the excess (picture 14).

The last step is to cut the tassel at the desired length (picture 15) and then sew it by using the needle and the hanger floss.


You can choose where to sew your tassels, but I went for a more bolder look and sew them all across the margins. I’ve seen this type of pillow case all over the internet and I know it’s quite pricey, so what better way to have one, than to make one myself?

A few weeks ago I also presented you 4 crazy ways to make your own pillow cases, so if you would like to get more tips on how to spice up your pillow collection, please be sure to check that out.

Hope you enjoyed my little DIY  and you will try to make it too. If so, please sent me your pictures through my Social Media accounts (links are in the footnote of this page) or here 😉

See ya loves!

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