August’s tutorial: How to make paper butterflies


I know it’s a bit early for the month’s tutorial but I have so many other crazy and fun projects for you guys, that I decided to do it now, get it out of the way, and focus on the following DIY projects.

Today we are going to make something that’s really, really easy. Now I know I say that all the time, but believe me: making paper butterflies is really simple and anyone can do it.

It’s great fun also! So let’s get down to business, OK? 😉

What you need:ItemsButterflies

  • coloured pieces of paper (square ones)
  • scissors (optional)

What you need to do:

Since this is a tutorial and it’s a bit difficult to explain it through pictures I decided to make it step-by-step so you can follow the writing and the pictures at the same time.

Everything is numbered and explained as clear as possible down below, so I hope that making paper butterflies will become your next relaxation plan or craft project in the following days.

11. Take a piece of square paper – this is really important, because the paper really needs to be square in order to have a perfect paper butterfly. I used a post-it note that had no glue on it.

2. Fold it in half and then unfolded to see the line that has been created.

3. Fold in half again, but this time on the other side so when you open you piece of paper you will see a cross made from the two lines.

4. Take a corner of your paper and bring it to its opposite corner. Fold it in.


5. You are left with a triangle. Everything is good until now.

6. Unfold the triangle and repeat step 4, but this time for the other corner.

7. In the end you are left with a piece of square paper that has a horizontal line, a vertical one and two diagonals. Yay for you!

8. Place the piece of paper as shown in the picture and and fold it by pushing the horizontal line towards yourself.


9. Keep on folding it!

10. Now you are left with a small triangle.

11. Fold the triangle in half in order to make it even smaller

12. Make note of the side that has this fan look.

13. If you want your butterfly to have rounded wings, then take your scissors and cut around the corner that has the fan look. Only that corner will make your butterfly have wings, so be sure to pay attention which corner you cut around.


14. As shown, you are left with the same fan-look corners that now have a more rounded margins.

15. Unfold the triangle to the status it had down on step 10.

16. Take the upper side of the left wing and bend it as shown in the picture, along the vertical line that marks the middle of your triangle.

17. Do the same with the right wing.


18. Place your thumb on the tip of your triangle (the one that’s situated on the lower side) and bend it a bit.

19. Take the tip with your fingers , cross it underneath the butterfly and bring it to its opposite side (which is the longer side of your triangle). Push the bent tip so it stays in place there.

20. Now you just need to adjust the wings, by bending them a bit (whatever you life best) and there you go! You have a paper butterfly!

You can do this craft project at home and use the butterflies as decorative items, or make many more and stick them to your wall, or place them on a string and make a decorative mobile.

This can also be a relaxing thing you can do when you need a bit of time for yourself down at the office. You can surely find a square piece of paper on your desk 😉


Or, maybe you run out of ideas on how to entertain your kids, so here’s something you could teach them to do. Ideally, you could forget the scissors or at least supervise them so they don’t hurt themselves.

Either way, this craft or DIY project is really fun to do and it brings colour into your home, so pretty please if you decide to do it, send me your pictures through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (the active icons for them can be found at the bottom of this page).

See ya soon loves!

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