DIY: Rainbow Mobile Pouch

mobile pouch

Technology has become a very important part of our lives and it’s only honest to say that many of us depend on it.

Just the other day I was wondering how on earth did we get by without mobile phones when we had to meet someone and we were running late … well, I guess we were more punctual back in the day, or we just made the other person to really wait for us 😛

So, today I decided to show you guys how you can make an adorable, useful and extremely colourful pouch for your mobile.

You don’t need to posses extra skills  in order to make it, you don’t even need to have knitting accessories, because we won’t be using any. Curious? Let’s get started then 😉

What you need:

A. For the “knitting tool”itemsMP

  • tick paper
  • bobby pins
  • glue

B. For the actual pouch

  • yarn
  • wool needle
  • scissors

What you need to do:

Just so everything would be clear and easy to follow, I decided to break down this article in a few sections, so you could easily follow my explanations and the pictures. For any other question, you can always write me in the comment section below and I will be sure to answer you in no time.

How to make your knitting tool

I have mine for quite some time now, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to trust me on this – it’s really easy to make – but there are no step-by-step pictures.

Basically you need to take the paper and make it into a roll. The diameter of the roll must allow your mobile to easily go through. Secure the roll with glue and even scotch tape if you feel the need.


Then down to the fun part, you need to take your bobby pins and place them on your roll. Place two bobby pins one next to the other (just like your see in the picture) and add some glue to make them stick and stay in place on the roll.

Then leave about 1 inch and add another series of two bobby pins. Then all you need to do is repeat these steps until your roll has bobby pins all around.

Tip: you can also use a paper cup if you have one, just be sure to check the diameter and see if your mobile can get through.

Starting to knit

Once your knitting toll is ready to use (this means that the glue has dried) you can start using it in order to make this cute mobile pouch.

Take your yarn ball and leave about 10 cm of free string (picture 1) to hang out from the point where you will actually start knitting. This string will be used to attach a cute pompom to it at the end.

Now, take the yarn string and place it on the first bobby pin (which are actually two, but since they are glued together I will refer to them as one) as seen on picture 2 and wrap it around it (picture 3) twice (picture 5).


Carry on doing the same with the remaining bobby pins taking into account that you will ALWAYS wrap the yarn starting from the roll’s interior towards its exterior. This is actually very important if you want your pattern to go well.

When you have reached the point from which you’ve have started from, your work should look like thispicture 8.

The proper knitting

Take your wool needle (we are just using it as a toll, the needle is not attached to any strings) and place it underneath the first loop you made (picture 1) take it on your needle and cross it over the bobby pin (picture 2). This is how the pattern will be created.

Then carry on doing the same for the next bobby pins until you each the point from which you have started (picture 5).


Take your yarn string and start wrapping it around the bobby pins just like before (pictures 6-7) with the ONLY DIFFERENCE that you will need to wrap it just once, NOT twice.

Once you have completed the row, take the needle and recreate the pattern explained above.

Closing up our pouch

Soon after you will start knitting, you will see the pouch coming to life (picture 1). Carry on until you reach the desired length (picture 2) and then stop for a bit.

Cut the yarn string that you used to wrap around the bobby pins about 20 cm long (picture  3) and put it through your wool needle (picture 4). We are going to close the pouch.

Place the needle under the last loop you created and go through it (picture 5 and 6) at the same time releasing the loop from the bobby pin (picture 7).


Move to your right and place the needle under the loop, go through it and then release it from the bobby pin (picture 8).

Now, down to your left  (picture 9) and repeat the same steps. The trick is to go zig zag (picture 10) from side to side, right to left until you have pulled through all the loops and the pouch is no longer attached to the knitting tool (picture 11).

Now you can pull out your pouch as seen in picture 12.

Final touches

Take the needle out and place the pouch on a plain surface (picture 1). Then take the string yarn that was inside the needle and pull it gently until it stretches out (pictures 2 and 3).

Make three knots as close to the pouch as you can (picture 4) to secure your work. This will assure that the bottom of your pouch will stay intact when you place your mobile inside.

Cut the excess string (picture 6) and turn the pouch inside out (picture 7).


At the beginning of our knitting process you left a 10cm long yarn string to hang out. Now it’s time to use it.

Pull it through the wool needle (picture 9), take a pompom (I made one previously) and pull the needle though the string that ties the pompom (picture 10).

Take the needle out and make something like 3 knots to secure your pompom stays in place, attached to your string and pouch (picture 11). And you are done!

Tip: If you don’t know how to make a pompom, here’s an useful tutorial.

I know that this DIY project might seem a bit hard, but I assure you is not. However it does take time to complete. Somewhere around 2-3 hours depending on how well you get the hang of it.

But it’s worth it believe me! Just look how colourful it is! Your mobile will feel on cloud number nine and you will know it also stays protected from scratches.


My first pouch got a lot of “wows” from friends, people I know and even a nice lady from the coffee shop who saw it on my table.

This could also turn into the perfect present for someone you care about. In my case, this is a special edition mobile pouch for a dear friend of mine, Roxana. She is also my sister from another mother :-))

So my dears, I hope you have enjoyed this new DIY and I really hope you will try to recreate it. Please let me know your thoughts about it, OK? The comment section below awaits for your input 😉
Love u!

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