Cool DIY: Pimp your T-shirt!


A new week is unveiling in front of us my dear readers so, as usual, I am launching the invitation to embark with me in a journey to the land of Do it Yourself and crafting.

Today, I am going to create a cool DIY which will help you make a plain t-shit look amazing. All you need is scissors and a lot of courage because we are going to cut the t-shirt in stripes … well, sort of 😛

Let’s begin, shall we?

What you need:ItemsTshirt

  • a t-shirt (obviously)
  • masking tape (or scotch tape if you are poor like me)
  • scissors
  • tailoring centimetre (or ruler)

What you need to do:

I’m going to be honest with your lot and say I made my t-shirt a long time ago, so if the pictures that will help you understand the process are a bit confusing – because I’m showing you how to cut your t-shirt on the front side, only to see it cut on the back side at the end of this tutorial – that’s the main reason. 🙂

So, first step you need to carefully place your t-shirt on a plain surface with the back side up. This is where we are going to work our magic.

Tip: In order to make the process easier you can place a piece of cardboard between the front and the back side of your t-shirt to see what you are actually cutting :-))

Now you just need to take your tailoring centimetre and measure your t-shirt see how deep you want your V-cut to be and how wide (pictures 1-2).

Once you have established these parameters place a masking or scotch tape to your t-shirt to assure yourself you are going to remain within the measurements (pictures 3-4).


Take your scissors and start cutting from the V’s tip onto its base (which comes close to the neck area). Just remain into the triangle’s lines (carefully delimited by the tape) and cut in stripes (see picture 5).

Don’t worry, they don’t need to be equal, they don’t need to be pre-measured! Just have fun with it! When you have reached the bottom of your triangle it means you are done! (picture 6)

Take out the cardboard and put your t-shirt on. How cool is it? You now possess a t-shirt that’s funky and sexy!


See how the stripes of fabric hang freely? It really gives your t-shirt a one-of-a-kind look! And looking at even more positives, you save a lot of money.

Usually these type of t-shirts are pretty expensive, whereas by buying a plain one, or just using one that you already have at home, and add some style to it … you practically save a fortune. Plus, it’s really cute, don’t you think?

So, that’s about it loves. Please be sure to share your thoughts with me by using the comment section below and see you again next time! Byeeee! :*

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