3 lovely bookmarks to make & enjoy


For today’s episode I decided to go ahead and treat the book worms, the ones that have a genuine passion for books and reading in general. I am a bit bias because this means I will be treating myself too, but then again this is my blog, sooo I can’t be to harsh on myself, can I? 😛

Putting all that aside though, who doesn’t like happy, funny and lovely bookmarks to entertain them whist reading a book? Or to poop up of a book when it seating lonely on the self waiting to be finished?

So, here they are: 3 lovely and straight from the oven bookmarks that anyone can make and enjoy 😉

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August’s tutorial: How to make paper butterflies


I know it’s a bit early for the month’s tutorial but I have so many other crazy and fun projects for you guys, that I decided to do it now, get it out of the way, and focus on the following DIY projects.

Today we are going to make something that’s really, really easy. Now I know I say that all the time, but believe me: making paper butterflies is really simple and anyone can do it.

It’s great fun also! So let’s get down to business, OK? 😉

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Decorate your pillows with pompoms & tassels


It seems like the pillow obsession strikes again my dearest readers and DIY lovers, as today I decided to show you how you can decorate your pillows.

I have prepares for you two easy ways to transform an ordinary and boring pillow into a colourful, full of life and personality one.

You just need a few things to get started, but the result will surpass your expectations, so on with the Do it Yourself today’ show!

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DIY: Recycled Earrings

Created with Nokia Refocus

Once upon a time an Oriental-patterned blouse lived in my closet. It was fern-green and it had such a beautiful hand-stitched pattern on the front side and sleeves.

But as the years went by my blouse’s colour began to fade and I couldn’t wear it anymore. Such a sad, sad story you would think … but not entirely.

Around its V-neckline my blouse was embellished with a simple cord that was decorated with beads at each end. Those remained intact after years of wearing the blouse. And they have recently became my new favourite earrings!

Want to know how I did it? Come and join me!

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