Back to school in sneakers

Back to SchoolFinal

School is just around the corner, or for some of you has already started depending on where you live. So this is it, another summer is over and autumn is knocking on our door.

But there’s no need to be sad for the crazy world of DIY and crafts will keep you company and stay with you along the way, making this season more bearable and bringing out the best in it.

For starters, let’s focus on school and on the fact that the majority of you have no secret  desire to get back to it. But you must! So you might well do it in style!

Today I’m going to show you can make your first, second (and so on) appearance in school, making those boring moment more fun and colourful with a pair of funky sneakers!

What you need:


  • a pair of sneakers (any one will do)
  • laces (the more the merrier)
  • beads



  1. Switch to colour

If your sneakers came with the plain and simple white laces, then it’s time for an upgrade. Buy yourself some colourful ones. And don’t be shy, be as bold as you wish!

Go for some bright, neon pink, or a vibrant orange like I did here and add these laces to your sneakers. I promise you the result will blow your mind!

Mostly because that’s how colours work: they change everything and for the better!


2. Fruity laces

Do you like fruits? Then these cherry laces will defo be your thing.

I bought mine from a local store and they certainly do the trick. My sneakers looks brand new (although they aren’t) and seems like the warm days of summer will never leave me.

It surely adds some sort of fresh look to your footwear and makes you feel more active. Not to mention they are so cute and adorable! 😛


3. Neon beads laces

If you don’t want to invest in a new pair of laces then you can very easily decorate the white ones that you already have with beads.

I am sure you have some beads in your home, or some bracelet or necklace that you don’t wear anymore and you can break it down to use the beads. Just be sure that the beads’ hole is big enough to let the lace get through.

I went for adding five neon yellow beads to the front side of my sneakers, but that’s just my ideas. You can go on and add them somewhere else and you can also go for a different colour.

What must be kept in mind is that whatever colour you choose, be sure it represents you and your style, but also creates a nice contrast.


4. Multicoloured beads laces

Don’t just stop at using a single colour! Be bold and add more!

This time I went for adding a star-shaped bead to the front side and some random colourful beads to the back side. How alive and kicking are these sneakers now?!

It’s just wonderful how the proper colours tend to brighten up your day and make you feel good about yourself even when you had a bad one.

You can tie your shoe laces as you wish, go for the classical way or for some new, twisted and out-of-the-ordinary way – it really doesn’t matter!


DIY are made for you to create and recreate, but mostly to reinvent. So no rules apply!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY trip we did today and I hope it will help you stay happy during the first days of school.

See ya loves!

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