Autumn DIY: Paper Roses in Yarn Vase


Hello there my craft-lovers and welcome to a new creative blog post that is celebrating the coming of a new and exciting season – the Autumn!

Yesterday was Autumn Equinox so I thought it would only be fair to celebrate it with a colorful and extremely adorable DIY project. Hence the Autumn-inspired theme paper roses.

But that’s not all, for I have also created a tiny,little vase for the roses made, as usual, from something that I had at home.

Keep reading to learn more about this tremendous project!

What do need:autumnitems

  • coloured paper (I chose orange, yellow and white)
  • yarn
  • a can
  • straws
  • paper glue & some other glue (preferably stronger)
  • scissors

What you need to do:

First stop are of course the paper roses which are easy to make but they will take some time, so please allow yourself a few hours to complete this DIY. In the end the result will tell the story: it was worth it!

You don’t need a special kind of paper, to be honest I just used a “post it” paper (with no glue on it), as for the white roses, they are made from pain normal white paper.

In order to make the roses you have various options and the internet is flooded with ideas of how to make the perfect type of rose, but I found this easy DIY on YouTube and this is the one that I used (watch from min. 2:36  to  min. 4:40)

Created with Nokia Refocus

So please feel free to inspire yourself from it or if you don’t like it, go ahead and search for other tutorials. I will also make one next month, so here’s something to look forward to 😛

After you finish your roses (I made about 11 pieces) is time to get these bad boys some stems which are, you’ve guessed it, made from straws.

Her, things are simple: you just glue your straws to the bottom of your roses and wait for the glue to dry. You can also use your scissors to adjust the length of your straws, pardon me, stems so the flowers will fit better into the vase.

Created with Nokia Refocus

And since we reached this new subject, what about creating a vase from an old and empty Amigo can? It was just sitting there all alone after my mum carefully and meticulously devoured its instant coffee contents so … I thought giving it a new life.

For the vase you just need a bit of glue and yarn. The process is simple and it consists in adding a bit of glue to the base of your can then placing the yarn thread and start wrapping it around the can.

If it sounds weird or you don’t know how to do it, here’s a DIY tutorial that I made a few months ago, when I transformed a juice bottle into a vase by using the same technique.

When the glue has dried up it’s time to place your roses inside and place your new Autumniale decorative vase on a shelf, or on your dinner table … your choice.


How pretty is this DIY project? I mean really? The roses look almost real and they are so, so adorable! This is the perfect welcome gift ever!

Not to mention that you can alternate whatever colours you chose and use this as a wedding decoration item, or as a new-home gift. It’s just so versatile and so catchy!

So this was it for today lovely people! Please be sure to contact me at any time thought my Social Media accounts (the links are at the bottom of this page) and share your thoughts about this new project, or simply leave me a comment here. Either way, your input will be greatly appreciated 🙂

Have an awesome Autumn and see you next time!

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