October tutorial: Messy Nail Art Tree Design


We have a tutorial on our hands today my dearest readers, so this mean I will guide you step by step to the process of creating a new DIY project.

Aaaaand because is Autumn and Nail Art DIYs seem to be quite popular I thought to give it a try and make one. The result is quite decent, mind you it’s my first, but I reckon the second one will be even better (one can only hope :-P)

So anyone interested into a messy nail art design? I wanted to mix the power of bright and autumn-themed nail polishes with the artistic way of how painters create their work. Keep reading if you want to know moooooore 😛

What you need: itemsnailart

  • nail polishes (I chose 3, but that’s not mandatory)
  • a base coat
  • a tooth-pick
  • nail art utensils (or a simple needle pin)

What you need to do:

When I started this project I want it to be perfect, to be top-notch. I was a  fool obviously  because each time I start something half way through things change and in the end the result is almost completely different from what I’ve imagined it would be in the first place.

Sometimes the result is better than expected, sometime it’s not. In this case, it was the first … thankfully 😛

This nail art DIY project is actually very easy to make and it doesn’t take too long. You only need a bit of patience and skills (and by that I mean your hands should not shake ….aha, that large cup of coffee from half an hour ago doesn’t seem like a brill idea anymore, does it? 😛 ).

The first thing one should always do is to apply a base coat before starting any nail art project. It doesn’t matter how good is the nail polish! You need to apply a base coat for protection. You fingernails will thank you for that.


For this DIY nail art project I went on and used three nail polishes: an orange one, a Persian green one and a extremely dark gray one. Coincidentally all of them are from Rimmel London, which is a brand I really, really like.

  1. The first step is of course applying a top of the orange nail polish and let it dry

2. Then grab your dark gray one and use a tooth-pick to draw a tree. It doesn’t have to be perfect (to hell with it, mine isn’t!) because we are aiming for a messy look of things.

3. Wait for a few minutes and then take a nail art utensil (like the one pictured) or a needle pin and use the Persian green nail polish.

As you can see the nail art utensil that I have makes dots. We are not aiming for dots because we want to make a few leaves, so make a dot and then move the utensil a bit to give it an unfinished, messy look. As if the leaves are blown away by wind. Since is Autumn and all that crap.

4. Now it’s time to let the nail polish dry so do a little dance of joy around the house. Careful not to mess up your nails, though!

5. In the end just apply another top of base coat to secure everything and make the nail art last more and you are done. Ta da daaaa!


You can choose even more colours in order to re-create this DIY and you can make it on each of your fingernails or on just one of them. It’s totally up to you!

Tip: When using various items to draw something (like the tree or leaves) be sure to take your nail polish brush and drop a bit of nail polish on a piece of paper and use that particular drop to draw with. It will be easier.

As I’ve said before I was looking for perfection, but I really love the messy result. It looks more authentic and more real, like you’ve created it and not some experienced lady from the beauty salon. Not to mention that it has a touch of artistic poetry in it … well, I did say I little! 😛

Hope you’ve liked this week DIY loves! See you again next week!  😉

What products did I use:

  • orange nail polish – Rimmel London – Rita Ora collection (Tangerine Tent 400)
  • Persian green nail polish – Rimmel London – 60 seconds Super Shine collection ( Ava-a-Bit of Jade 870)
  • dark gray nail polish – Rimmel London – 60 seconds collection (Aye, aye, sailor 850)
  • base coat – Seventeen – Calcium & Vitamin B nourishing base for weak & brittle nails)


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