DIY: Autumn inspired leaf earrings


Hello again my dears! And how are you today? I hope everyone is feeling OK and enjoying this beautiful season.

And since is Autumn, I thought of creating some themed leaf earrings from polymer clay (aka. FIMO in my case).

They are colourful because you all know I love colours and of course that everyone can make them for they are incredibly easy to create. You just need a few materials and leave your imagination take over.

If you want to know how I made mine, keep on reading! πŸ˜‰

What you need:itemsearrings

  • polymer clay (FIMO in my case)
  • a printed leaf
  • polymer clay utensils (not mandatory)
  • earrings hooks,Β  metallic stems and plastic buds
  • glue
  • pliers

What you need to do:

As I said before this DIY is quite easy to make, but I guarantee it will be super fun because the pattern is so unique, thus respecting the unwritten rule of nature: everything is special and one-of-a-kind.

The first step in making this pair of leaf earrings is to choose a leaf pattern. I found mine online (just go on and search for autumn leaf png. or something like that) and then printed out.

Tip: be sure to resize the image to the size you would like your earrings to be!

If you are very handy with polymer clay or maybe have a plastic-shaped leaf thingy (also known as clay mould) you can skip this step and mould the FIMO by yourself.

I for one, I admit to not being very handy when it comes to creating a leaf, so I just printed out a leaf and then placed it on my FIMO material.

For the colours, I decided to go for red, yellow, orange, brown and a bit of green and mix them all together until I got an uniform clay paste.


Then I just placed my printed leaf over it and cut around its shape with some FIMO special utensil (as seen in the items picture above), but you can also use a cutter or any other tool that you see fit.

After that you can trim the margins and make it all neat and tidy, again by using some special utensils or just your fingers.

When you are happy with the shape you’ve obtained, take your metallic stems (I recommend those with a tiny loop) and insert them into the leaf.

Tip: since the leaf is not very thick, please be sure to insert them carefully so you won’t damage your creation.

After this step it’s time for baking, so go and place you leaves in the oven taking into account the information written on your polymer clay package and respecting it accordingly.

When they are ready, let them cool a bit and the remove the stems. Add a bit of glue to them and insert them back into the leaf, then take your pliers and add the hooks to the loop.

Wait for a few minutes for the glue to dry and then you can use your new autumn inspired leaf earrings! You can also add some plastic buds so you can be sure they won’t fell off when you wear them.


See how easy it was? And how pretty and one-of-a-kind they turned out? The pattern is not the same on both earrings, but leaves don’t look the same, so it was only normal.

This can be the perfect gift for a friend, but also for yourself if you want to draw everyone’s attention and be praised for your jewellery choice πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this new DIY project and don’t forget to share your thoughts or creations here, or on my social media accounts . I will be sure to read all your messages πŸ˜‰

Until next week take care and be you! πŸ˜›

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