DIY: Create a wool-nderful scarf for cold weather


Hello, hello my dear readers and welcome to a new DIY episode! Today I am going to show you how you can create your own wool scarf in order to stay safe from the cold weather while bringing bright colours everywhere you go.

Don’t worry if you don’t know to knit because we are not going to use any knitting needles for this project! Yep, it’s insane, but it works!

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to business, shall we? πŸ˜›

What you need:itemswoolscarff

  • yarn (wool or acrylic, if you want)
  • bobby pins
  • super glue
  • a piece of hard cardboard
  • a plastic needle

What you need to do:

This is by far one of the easiest and fastest ways to get yourself a wool scarf without using any knitting needles, especially if you have two left hands like me or you just can’t be bothered to buy yourself some.

The process is quite simple and it’s actually really fun because you will be creating your own scarf and this way you can add your style and unique touch to it.

The first step is of course building yourself the “knitting board” if I may call it like that. For this you will need bobby pins and a hard cardboard.

Depending on how wide you want your scarf to be, cut a piece of cardboard and glue bobby pins to it. I glued two bobby pins (one next to another) left about 1 inch and then repeated the process until I reached the desired width.

When the glue has dried you can start working on your scarf.

Take a yarn string (leave about 7 cm of it to hang out from the first bobby pin) and start wrapping it around the bobby pins (aka. each bobby pin – although technically they are two glued together) until you reach the end of your cardboard.


Now get back and wrap it one more time from the end to the beginning of your cardboard and when you are done, take your plastic needle and place it under the first loop of yarn lifting it up over the second loop and over the bobby pin.

TIP: If this sounds too weird, a few months back I did a tutorial on how to create a mobile pouch using the same method. You can click here and check it out to see a more detailed strategy πŸ˜›

So basically you need to keep on wrapping the yarn around the bobby pins and use the needle to lift the yarn loop that’s at the base over the one that’s above it. That’s how the scarf gets made.

When you will reach the desired length for the scarf and taking into account that you are only left with one row of yarn loops, take your plastic needle, insert it onto the yarn’s string (this means you need to cut the yarn stringΒ  that you used until now, from the yarn ball – about 20 cm) go through each loop that’s sitting nicely on the bobby pins and while you go through each of them take them off the bobby pins.


When you’ve done that, you just need to pull the yarn string through all the loops so this part of the scarf can have the same width as the other side (the one that you started with) and when you are comfortable with the width, just make a few knots and cut the excess.

TIP: Again, if any of the above sound hard to digest, feel free to check out this article on how to knit using bobby pins.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell ya: you are done! Your wool scarf is ready and it looks just wool-nderful (sorry, it’s the only think I could think of :-P)

As you can see I went for a multicoloured yarn, but you can go for just one colour, or for two or three. You can alternate colours by cutting the yarn string at the end of the row and leaving it long enough in order to make a knot and secure your work.

In the end it’s up to your preferences and your way of seeing things. Let your imagination take over and create your own kind of scarf. The one that represents you best.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s DIY project and that it wasn’t too hard to follow πŸ˜›

Please let me know here, or on social media what you think of this new project and if you have in plan to re-create it.

Until next time take care and have a lovely week! :*

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