Back to Basics: Have fun with colours


We’ve all been taught that with age comes wisdom (a fact yet to be proved for some of us) and that we should learn how to behave like adults and somehow neglect the inner child’s needs. Either it’s about running like crazy in the park, laughing out loud or playing ball in your back yard.

Today, I say to hell with all of these! Let’s kick society in the arse with some good old fashion colouring. Yes, you read that right! Today I am urging you and your inner child to have fun colouring.

Want to know more? Then just keep on reading 😉

What you need:

  • a colouring book
  • colour pencils

What you need to do:

As you can see this isn’t going to be a classical DIY article, but it does require to actually “do it by yourself” because this is the perfect way to spend some quality time with yourself and your inner child. Sounds crazy? Well, I believe crazy is overrated anyway :-))

A few months ago I bought myself a carrot juice bottle. The label was so cute that I couldn’t help on noticing that on the back of it it had a drawing that requested to be filled with colour.


So I dusted my colour pencils and started colouring. It was soo fun and I felt so amazing afterwards. I guess it was just one of those classical cases of finding joy in little things.

However, a few weeks ago I found out that my local bookshop offers a wide range of colouring books specially designed for adults. With more complex drawings and more ways to have fun but also relax yourself.

That’s how I ended up buying “The Secret Garden” by Johanna Basford and what a journey I am on as we speak …. or as I write!

I can’t explain you how cool it is to just pick up a random colour and fill in the blank spaces. It might just sound silly, but no later than a few days ago I landed on an article that stated the fact that colouring had the same benefits as meditation.


Although I can’t back this  because I have no idea on how relevant were the studies and how real is the actual information, I can tell you this : it does help you relax, it does boost your creativity and it does make you feel better. These are the things that I have experienced while colouring.

What I love about this book is that it also encourages you to draw, not just colour. Some of the drawings are incomplete and you are urged to continue them.

Of course that no one is forcing you and if you are like me (aka. a total disaster at drawing, you might want to think twice before ruining a perfectly beautiful drawing :-)) ) but let’s face it: there are no rules, there are no exams to pass  … it’s just an exercise of imagination and creativity.

I haven’t reached the level of courage to start continuing the drawings, but I will do it for sure. At the end of the day, is not like I am trying to become the next Picasso, right?

So, go ahead and buy yourself a colouring book. Any colouring book. I just happened to choose this one, but there are many others worth to be brought home and coloured.


Just remember to have fun and don’t let the ignorance of others make you feel guilty for doing it. Some people find relaxation by reading a book, or by going to the gym, or by watching the news. Nothing wrong with that … I do that too (minus the news thing :-P), but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to feed your imagination and your inner child with some cool colouring sessions.

P.S. I just wanted to apologise in the end for not posting on Thursday, as usual, but I have decided to chance the day for Sunday so from now on, the weekend is the real deal for our DIY episodes 🙂

Be sure to write me back or share your drawings on Social Media if you too have taken on colouring 😉

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