Fun DIY: How to make tassel earrings


If it’s Sunday then it’s time to have some fun and learn something new, so for today I thought I’d share with you lovely lot how I made a cute & adorable pair of tassel earrings.

They are incredibly easy to make, but the result it’s more than you’ve ever expected it to be – you will have a unique and super fun pair of earrings that will look nothing like the ones you buy from your local store, yet have the same impact as the ones you pay good money for.

But let’s get started and enter the cool world of DIY once more, shall we?

What you need:TasselEarringsItems

  • 2 yarn balls
  • scissors
  • 2 tiny beads
  • pliers
  • earrings accessories (hooks, rings & plastic buds)

What you need to do:

For the friends of the blog this isn’t something new – making a tassel is quite easy and requires little time, but a lot of creativity. By that I mean that you have so many choices in opting for what you want you tassels to be made of.

As seen above I chose yarn because it’s autumn (and because I am obsessed with yarn), but you can also use embroidery floss, or some string, silk thread, simple thread etc. Just keep in mind that a thinner string means more string in order to obtain a fluffy tassel in the end.

A few months ago I published a tutorial on how to make tassels, so here I’ll only explain briefly how I ended up with this pair of earrings 😛 For more details, you can see the pictures of the entire tutorial, here.

First things first, it’s important to choose the colours: I went for some sort of dubious turquoise (although it has too much green in it to be turquoise, but we’ll just leave it at that) and yellow.

Now, you need to find some piece of cardboard, or a coaster (like me) and start wrapping the warn around it. I opted for 15 times, just to have a fluffy tassel in the end.


When you are finished just use the scissors to cut the wrapped yarn in the middle and place the yarn strings on a plain surface.

Take another yarn string (about 7 cm long), insert a bead on it and place it at the centre of the yarn string. This is actually optional, but I used it because it defines the tassel’s head better.

Now take the yarn string with the bead and place it at the middle of the other yarn strings you have sitting on the plain surface. Leave the bead on one side, while on the other side you make up to 3 knots to secure the single yarn string to the others. Again, if this sounds ridiculous, be sure to check out this tutorial.

Now the tassel is almost ready. All you need to to is to take a yellow yarn string and wrap it around the tassel head a few times and secure it with a few knots.

Trim you tassel so all the strings are equal and you are ready for part II – turning the tassel into a earring.

The remaining string that’s attached to the tassel’s head will need to be tight to the metallic ring (up to 3 knots just to be sure) and then, by using the pliers insert the hook into the ring.


In the end you just need to add the protection plastic buds and voila! You have a brand new & cool pair of tassel earrings made from yarn!

When I saw this idea presented by the lovely Jelica from “A Pretty Fix” as one of her recommendation (I also urge you to visit her website because she makes some outstanding and incredibly creative DIYs) I thought to myself … I need to try it!

So, here it is: my pair of dubious turquoise tassel earrings :-))

Be sure to send me your thoughts or share you creations on social media (Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram) by using #rudysview and I will be sure to share them with the entire planet (if that’s even possible).

Take care loves and have a tremendous week!

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