DIY: Give a new life to your clothes hangers


I don’t know about you, but each time I see a wardrobe from those fancy¬†Home Design¬† magazines I get really annoyed of how nice and tidy it is. The clothes look so nice and their hangers as well. It’s like a fairytale of order and beauty.

Thanks to some very handy men I too have a wardrobe filled with tons of clothes (which I love), but my hangers aren’t the prettiest in the land. Most of them are old, bent, have weird shapes (mostly because I have the bad habit of putting more than one piece of clothes on them) and so on. They have no story!

So I decided to give them a new life! I have like 8 or 10 wire clothes hangers that look just horrendous, but which got a brand new look by using stuff that I have around home. Wanna see how?

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3 simple ideas for Summer room decor – Ep. 3


The last episode of our SUMMER SPECIAL is here boys and girls (presumably in love with crafting and DIYs)!!!

Next to making the perfectly shaped paper hearts (click here to see how it’s done) and the most colourful and happiest Hawaiian garland (more on that one by clicking here) we are also going to get a bit of “Zen” into our life by making and colouring Mandalas.

It’s easy, fun, extremely relaxing and you will feel so good during the process and after you are done. So let’s get started!

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3 simple ideas for Summer room decor – Ep. 2

Garland 2

Yesterday we kicked off with a brand hew project here at Rudy’s View Blog consisting in 3 ideas of how to spice up your room and give it a more summery look.

Our first stop was to learn how to make paper hearts (click here if you missed out on that one), but today we are going forward with our little project and learning how to make a Hawaiian garland.

As always, this DIY project is simple, although it will take a bit more time to finish it depending on how long and rich you want your garland to be. So let’s get down to it!

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3 simple ideas for Summer room decor – Ep. 1


It’s Summer time, love birds! Yes, it’s been hot and sunny for some time now so today I’m going to show you how to bring all that into your house! Well, maybe not the hot weather, but rather the feeling of summer, vacation and holiday.

During this week I shall post 3 ideas of how to spice up your room and make it look more summery and all that. The ideas are simple, colourful and extremely cute!

We shall learn how to make perfectly shaped paper hearts, colourful Hawaiian garlands and make & colour a beautiful Mandala.

But first things first, for today we will be focusing on how to make little paper hearts. It’s very, very simple and it takes you about 5 minutes to cut them and decorate your room so let’s get started, shall we?

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