Back to Basics: Have fun with colours


We’ve all been taught that with age comes wisdom (a fact yet to be proved for some of us) and that we should learn how to behave like adults and somehow neglect the inner child’s needs. Either it’s about running like crazy in the park, laughing out loud or playing ball in your back yard.

Today, I say to hell with all of these! Let’s kick society in the arse with some good old fashion colouring. Yes, you read that right! Today I am urging you and your inner child to have fun colouring.

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3 lovely bookmarks to make & enjoy


For today’s episode I decided to go ahead and treat the book worms, the ones that have a genuine passion for books and reading in general. I am a bit bias because this means I will be treating myself too, but then again this is my blog, sooo I can’t be to harsh on myself, can I? 😛

Putting all that aside though, who doesn’t like happy, funny and lovely bookmarks to entertain them whist reading a book? Or to poop up of a book when it seating lonely on the self waiting to be finished?

So, here they are: 3 lovely and straight from the oven bookmarks that anyone can make and enjoy 😉

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