DIY: Memorable Birthday Card


We all have friends and we all have family members that we love and cherish. We like to give them presents for their birthdays of maybe just for no particular reason, but in time the “gifting” part becomes harder and harder.

Once you get to know a person and you’ve been through all the things he/she needs, likes, enjoys … you end up thinking what makes your presents special?

Today I am going to show you a little something that most of the time we don’t pay much attention to – the classical birthday card turned into a more fun and unique one.

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Back to Basics: Have fun with colours


We’ve all been taught that with age comes wisdom (a fact yet to be proved for some of us) and that we should learn how to behave like adults and somehow neglect the inner child’s needs. Either it’s about running like crazy in the park, laughing out loud or playing ball in your back yard.

Today, I say to hell with all of these! Let’s kick society in the arse with some good old fashion colouring. Yes, you read that right! Today I am urging you and your inner child to have fun colouring.

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Back to school in sneakers

Back to SchoolFinal

School is just around the corner, or for some of you has already started depending on where you live. So this is it, another summer is over and autumn is knocking on our door.

But there’s no need to be sad for the crazy world of DIY and crafts will keep you company and stay with you along the way, making this season more bearable and bringing out the best in it.

For starters, let’s focus on school and on the fact that the majority of you have no secret  desire to get back to it. But you must! So you might well do it in style!

Today I’m going to show you can make your first, second (and so on) appearance in school, making those boring moment more fun and colourful with a pair of funky sneakers!

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DIY: Recycled Earrings

Created with Nokia Refocus

Once upon a time an Oriental-patterned blouse lived in my closet. It was fern-green and it had such a beautiful hand-stitched pattern on the front side and sleeves.

But as the years went by my blouse’s colour began to fade and I couldn’t wear it anymore. Such a sad, sad story you would think … but not entirely.

Around its V-neckline my blouse was embellished with a simple cord that was decorated with beads at each end. Those remained intact after years of wearing the blouse. And they have recently became my new favourite earrings!

Want to know how I did it? Come and join me!

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