Back to Basics: Have fun with colours


We’ve all been taught that with age comes wisdom (a fact yet to be proved for some of us) and that we should learn how to behave like adults and somehow neglect the inner child’s needs. Either it’s about running like crazy in the park, laughing out loud or playing ball in your back yard.

Today, I say to hell with all of these! Let’s kick society in the arse with some good old fashion colouring. Yes, you read that right! Today I am urging you and your inner child to have fun colouring.

Want to know more? Then just keep on reading 😉

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3 simple ideas for Summer room decor – Ep. 3


The last episode of our SUMMER SPECIAL is here boys and girls (presumably in love with crafting and DIYs)!!!

Next to making the perfectly shaped paper hearts (click here to see how it’s done) and the most colourful and happiest Hawaiian garland (more on that one by clicking here) we are also going to get a bit of “Zen” into our life by making and colouring Mandalas.

It’s easy, fun, extremely relaxing and you will feel so good during the process and after you are done. So let’s get started!

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