Fun DIY: How to make tassel earrings


If it’s Sunday then it’s time to have some fun and learn something new, so for today I thought I’d share with you lovely lot how I made a cute & adorable pair of tassel earrings.

They are incredibly easy to make, but the result it’s more than you’ve ever expected it to be – you will have a unique and super fun pair of earrings that will look nothing like the ones you buy from your local store, yet have the same impact as the ones you pay good money for.

But let’s get started and enter the cool world of DIY once more, shall we?

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Cool DIY: Pimp your T-shirt!


A new week is unveiling in front of us my dear readers so, as usual, I am launching the invitation to embark with me in a journey to the land of Do it Yourself and crafting.

Today, I am going to create a cool DIY which will help you make a plain t-shit look amazing. All you need is scissors and a lot of courage because we are going to cut the t-shirt in stripes … well, sort of ­čśŤ

Let’s begin, shall we?

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DIY: Give a new life to your clothes hangers


I don’t know about you, but each time I see a wardrobe from those fancy┬áHome Design┬á magazines I get really annoyed of how nice and tidy it is. The clothes look so nice and their hangers as well. It’s like a fairytale of order and beauty.

Thanks to some very handy men I too have a wardrobe filled with tons of clothes (which I love), but my hangers aren’t the prettiest in the land. Most of them are old, bent, have weird shapes (mostly because I have the bad habit of putting more than one piece of clothes on them) and so on. They have no story!

So I decided to give them a new life! I have like 8 or 10 wire clothes hangers that look just horrendous, but which got a brand new look by using stuff that I have around home. Wanna see how?

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