DIY: Memorable Birthday Card


We all have friends and we all have family members that we love and cherish. We like to give them presents for their birthdays of maybe just for no particular reason, but in time the “gifting” part becomes harder and harder.

Once you get to know a person and you’ve been through all the things he/she needs, likes, enjoys … you end up thinking what makes your presents special?

Today I am going to show you a little something that most of the time we don’t pay much attention to – the classical birthday card turned into a more fun and unique one.

If you want to know more, keep on reading 😉

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3 simple ideas for Summer room decor – Ep. 1


It’s Summer time, love birds! Yes, it’s been hot and sunny for some time now so today I’m going to show you how to bring all that into your house! Well, maybe not the hot weather, but rather the feeling of summer, vacation and holiday.

During this week I shall post 3 ideas of how to spice up your room and make it look more summery and all that. The ideas are simple, colourful and extremely cute!

We shall learn how to make perfectly shaped paper hearts, colourful Hawaiian garlands and make & colour a beautiful Mandala.

But first things first, for today we will be focusing on how to make little paper hearts. It’s very, very simple and it takes you about 5 minutes to cut them and decorate your room so let’s get started, shall we?

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