Fun DIY: How to make tassel earrings


If it’s Sunday then it’s time to have some fun and learn something new, so for today I thought I’d share with you lovely lot how I made a cute & adorable pair of tassel earrings.

They are incredibly easy to make, but the result it’s more than you’ve ever expected it to be – you will have a unique and super fun pair of earrings that will look nothing like the ones you buy from your local store, yet have the same impact as the ones you pay good money for.

But let’s get started and enter the cool world of DIY once more, shall we?

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DIY: Autumn inspired leaf earrings


Hello again my dears! And how are you today? I hope everyone is feeling OK and enjoying this beautiful season.

And since is Autumn, I thought of creating some themed leaf earrings from polymer clay (aka. FIMO in my case).

They are colourful because you all know I love colours and of course that everyone can make them for they are incredibly easy to create. You just need a few materials and leave your imagination take over.

If you want to know how I made mine, keep on reading! 😉

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DIY: Recycled Earrings

Created with Nokia Refocus

Once upon a time an Oriental-patterned blouse lived in my closet. It was fern-green and it had such a beautiful hand-stitched pattern on the front side and sleeves.

But as the years went by my blouse’s colour began to fade and I couldn’t wear it anymore. Such a sad, sad story you would think … but not entirely.

Around its V-neckline my blouse was embellished with a simple cord that was decorated with beads at each end. Those remained intact after years of wearing the blouse. And they have recently became my new favourite earrings!

Want to know how I did it? Come and join me!

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