Fun DIY: How to make tassel earrings


If it’s Sunday then it’s time to have some fun and learn something new, so for today I thought I’d share with you lovely lot how I made a cute & adorable pair of tassel earrings.

They are incredibly easy to make, but the result it’s more than you’ve ever expected it to be – you will have a unique and super fun pair of earrings that will look nothing like the ones you buy from your local store, yet have the same impact as the ones you pay good money for.

But let’s get started and enter the cool world of DIY once more, shall we?

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Decorate your pillows with pompoms & tassels


It seems like the pillow obsession strikes again my dearest readers and DIY lovers, as today I decided to show you how you can decorate your pillows.

I have prepares for you two easy ways to transform an ordinary and boring pillow into a colourful, full of life and personality one.

You just need a few things to get started, but the result will surpass your expectations, so on with the Do it Yourself today’ show!

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